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Video Brochure Production Announcement


Our video brochure production will be offline – 3rd February – 22nd February 2020 to celebrate CNY

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Hard Covers and Soft Covers – What Is The Difference?

All the talk of hard cover and soft cover video brochures is confusing to the uninitiated, especially as the term soft cover does not relate to a soft cover, but to a 300gsm, or 18PT C1S card cover with lamination; it’s anything but soft.

To make the difference clear we have added a gallery of pictures to highlight the difference in the two options. The hard cover is a 1,000gsm grey board lined with a 157g silk paper. It’s hard, heavy and durable with the added benefit of looking fantastic. The hard covers are approximately 10% more expensive and take longer to produce due to the large hand finishing element in their construction.

The soft covers are cut from a standard white folding box board and laminated. This makes them quick and easy to print, laminate and die-cut; as well as being easier to design. Approximately 80% of our video brochure productions are soft cover productions.

We hope that helps clear up any queries?