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About Curveball

We are here to help you deliver successful marketing campaigns.

Do something different.
Get noticed.

Since incorporating in 2002, Curveball has evolved from a provider of specialized promotional printed products into a leading vendor of video technology products including video brochures, LCD video boxes, and video business cards; used primarily for corporate marketing campaigns.

We currently have sales offices in New York and London and manufacturing in China and the UK. We are looking to expand our sales reach into mainland Europe and plan to establish an office on the USA’s West coast during 2020/21.

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Great products and great service

Our ethos, the reason we have been around this long, has not changed – great products and great service from a company that understands the needs of its customers.

Our existing clients make up 75% or more of Curveball revenues, only excellent products and service would motivate our clients to return again and again. We understand the value of winning a new account and do everything we can to make the buying process as simple as possible – you won’t be disappointed.

To find out about our onboarding process speak with an experienced account manager today, by visiting our contact page.

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