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Video brochures soft cover

What’s the difference between softcover and hardcover video brochures?

Our softcover video brochures deliver high impact. Your prospects will be instantly drawn to the video content and be presented with a multi-sensory experience. By leveraging high-quality audio/visual content, we can create bespoke softcover video brochures that can engage your audience, increase visibility and boost sales.

10-inch hardcover video brochure - cover short edge

Video Brochure 10 inch

Soft cover

The 10.1-inch screen video brochure comes in a custom printed softcover wrap with a minimum overall finished size of A4 - spine to the long edge, opening like a lap-top, or short edge, opening like a book. The largest screen in the video brochure range it has a resolution of 1024x600 with an IPS (all-angle-viewing) upgrade available suitable for group viewing. There is no minimum order quantity, we produce from one copy upwards. Order your free sample today!

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portrait video brochure 4.3-inch screen

Video Brochure 4.3 inch

Soft cover

This A5 (8x6.25") portrait softcover video brochure is delivered custom printed to your design. The edition pictured above houses a 4.3 inch SD screen (resolution 480x272 pixels) and was produced with a made to measure printed mailing box. Production times are approximately two weeks. We have no minimum order quantities, we print from one copy upwards. Why not request a free sample today?

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5-inch softcover video brochure inside view

Video Brochure 5 inch

Soft cover

This A5 (8x6.25") softcover video card is custom printed to your design. The edition pictured above houses a 5.0 inch HD IPS screen with a screen resolution of 800x480. Production times are approximately two weeks. We have no production minimums, printing 1-24 copies digitally and 25 copies and above using a lithographic offset press. Prices and design templates are available in the tab below. Why not order your free sample today?

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softcover 7-inch video brochure flat

Video Brochure 7 inch

Soft cover

The 7.0-inch screen softcover video brochure is the most popular option within our range and comes with three resolution options - SD 800x600, HD 1024x600 and HD IPS (all angle viewing) 1024x600 - available in hard and softcover printed wraps. Whilst our price list relates to the A5 or 8x6" cover wrap, we have a wide variety of design templates available. Lead times are approximately two weeks and no production minimum quantities. Why not order your free sample today?

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Perfect quality and service. We have seen many different suppliers. But Curveball is the best

Sep 23, 2020

William Foster

I had looked at several providers of video brochures before selecting Curveball. I requested quotes and information from about 5 companies, but Adam...

Aug 8, 2019

Curtis Gilbert

Thank you very much, Adam - You have been GREAT to work with. You will definitely be the ONLY vendor we ever call...

Mar 13, 2020

t shoats

Adam and his company far exceeded my expectation. After looking at other competitors online I knew Curve Ball would be my choice. From...

Dec 22, 2019

Jessica Olin

My team and I used Curveball to create two different video brochures for our client. Not only did they come out beautifully, but...

Nov 26, 2019

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