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  • Yes, you can upload a new video file and delete the old one using the USB connection and cable provided (this also re-charges the battery). We pre-program the motherboard to autoplay, or open to a splash screen, you will need to adhere to these firmware limitations.

    These are the instructions to follow:

    • Your updated file should have the same filename and extension as the pre-installed file you wish to replace
    • You must use the same screen size, aspect ratio and screen resolution as the pre-installed file.
    • First copy the existing video file to your desktop as a backup, then delete it from the video card (Your PC views the video brochure as an external drive).
    • Your new video file size must not exceed the capacity of the flash memory chip on your device.
    • Once connected and ready to install, simply drag and drop your new file from your desktop to the video brochure (thus replacing the existing pre-installed file).
    • Close the cover, reopen, and your new video is installed.
  • We produce orders from 1 to 50,000+. We have no optimal minimum order quantity – we simply manufacture what you need.

  • Yes! They come with USB cables. By connecting to any desktop or laptop, the brochures can be fully recharged in 30 minutes.

  • The standard battery lasts approximately 90 minutes of run time. This can be upgraded to three hours.

  • Each video brochure comes pre-installed with a minimum of 128MB of storage – this equates to approximately 10 mins of video. Most customers find this to be satisfactory, however, this can be expanded up to 8GB if necessary which will accommodate approximately 2 hours of HD video.

  • Theoretically, there is no limit to the number of clips you install on each brochure, however, thought needs to be given to how your clips can be navigated using a simple button-driven menu.

  • Within limits, yes. They must be 15mm from the screen, and from each other. Ideally, the button icons should be a minimum of 10mm in diameter.

  • Ideally, we would like video files in MP4 or.AVI format, although we can accept video files in any format and convert them to MP4 files prior to installation. Print files should be provided as high resolution. PDFs with the fonts converted into outlines prior to export, or as.AI files (illustrator 6). Full bleed should be added to the template cut lines.

    If this is too technical for you, please give us a ring and we will talk you through the processes. You can upload your video files c

  • Use our free web courier service to upload your artwork to us.

  • Yes, we can print a pre-production copy for you. We offer a range of options to meet any requirement from white mock-ups to machine (or wet) proofs.

    Proofing and mock-up options are covered fully in this document 

  • There are a variety of ways in which your screens can be recycled. The most common method is to design your printed cover, or wrap, in a generic reusable design and update your video content with new files as new files become available.

    Another common recycle option is to include a pre-paid envelope for safe return when mailing your video brochure. In our experience, when presented with a compelling recycle statement, return rates are between 30% and 50%

    The third method is to take the video brochure to your nearest recycling center where the video brochure electronics can be recycled at the component level and the printed wrap recycled as paper and board.

  • Screen sizes range from 2.4” to 10.1”

    The 2.4” screen has an aspect ratio of 4:3. All the rest have an aspect ratio of 16:9. It is important that your video is shot, or edited, to the correct aspect ratio, this applies mostly to the LCD business card which utilizes the 2.4″ screen.

    The 2.4 and 4.3” screen is available in standard definition and the 5,7 and 10-inch screens in high definition (HD) with IPS (In-plane switching) also known as all angle viewing. IPS allows multiple users to view the screen image at any one time, ideal for group presentations or training sessions.

  • There are no patent restrictions within the video brochure market anywhere in the world. Where patents have been filed, they have never been tested in a court of law – prior art exists in every region negating their validity.

    There are no patent restrictions for video brochures anywhere in the world.

  • All our video collateral contains small ION Lithium batteries. These are A grade and cleared to be transported in bulk on international air freight.

    Each consignment we ship is accompanied by our materials testing and compliance certificate which covers ION lithium batteries.

  • All video brochures use standard components and screens from the Far East. None use high-end specification screens and electronics which you may find in the latest smartphones, but some vendor’s quality is better than others and you are wise to ask for a sample prior to purchasing.

    The main difference in quality usually lies in the printing and finishing, which varies a great deal from supplier to supplier and is the most common cause of disappointment.

    The answer to where can I buy cheap video brochures is – they don’t exist. A supplier using the lowest grade components and sub-assemblies will only be 5% less in price than a quality supplier. When you are paying $10 or more for a brochure, saving 5% in exchange for poor quality is a false economy.

    Curveball offers competitive pricing at the high-end of the quality spectrum for both print and components.

  • Video brochures come in standard Credit Card Size (Business Card Size), A6, A5, and A4 sizes, either portrait or landscape, with varying apertures to accommodate the screen options. Video-Boxes are to the customer’s specifications.

    We have produced a wide variety of shapes and sizes. If the standard templates are not what you are looking for, please ask.  We make our own tooling and can prepare new die-lines very quickly to suit your needs.

  • Yes, we offer a 12-month warranty on all screens and components. Occasionally there are problems with uploading video files, or slight damage during transit. In both instances, we replace for new in approximately one week.

  • Yes, we accept card payments via Stripe. We also ACH bank transfers directly into our Transferwise bank account in USD, Euros, or GBP. We also accept paper checks.

  • Simply contact one of our account managers to request an account application form. We check credit history and references – credit accounts are opened inside 48 hours of application.