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Proofing video brochures – what are the options?

1 May 2020

We provide several proofing options depending on the time available and the complexity of the project. All the options are provided as a complimentary service, ensuring we have the time in the production process to do so. The various options are detailed below.

1) A .pdf or soft proof (1-day)

By far, the most popular proofing for softcover video brochures.


a) Easily shared via e-mail

b) Reliable and detailed

c) Quick to produce and a good color match


a) A .pdf proof does not show up anomalies in the design which become apparent with a mock-up

b) We cannot imitate special treatments or the dimming effect of matte lamination in the .pdf

2) Digital mock-up & pdf (lead times 1-2 w/days)

By far, the most popular and quickest proofing option we offer, upon receipt of digital files, we digitally print the outer wrap, hand-cut a sample (without lamination), mount the screen, load video, shoot and take digital pictures. We then upload to WeTransfer for you to download as a working proof. We provide this along with a low resolution .pdf to check color-match- the basic level of proofing, the most popular, and the quickest.


a)  Quick

b) Reliable

c) Highlights any design oversights

d) You can see the loading sequence and button controls working clearly


a) As this is a soft proof, we cannot imitate lamination which affects the color accuracy

b) We cannot mimic PMS colors or foils with a digital output.

3) Production sample (Lead Times 6-7 w/days):

The most reliable and 100% accurate method of proofing is to follow the steps above and then to print, die-cut, laminate, and ship the first production copy for approval before finishing and delivering your bulk order. A working sample is the only truly authentic way to show what the finished product will look like (because it is just that).


a) 100% accurate


a) Adds to lead time by 4-5 days

4) Video boxes (2 Weeks):

Where we are undertaking video box project, tooling and design templates are originated from scratch. At the preliminary design stage, we produce a white dummy to confirm the structural design of the box.

Once this is approved, we print a digital mock-up and, finally, ship a first-off-line production copy for approval before delivering the bulk order.

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