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-All the products you see on Curveball’s website are made in our factory and not harvested from the internet, as is so often the case.

-All prices are correct at the time of hosting, however, prices may fluctuate based on sudden changes in component costs and exchange rates. We encourage everyone planning a project to obtain an official quotation from us which is valid for 30 days – contact our estimating department here for a formal company quote.

-We do not pass on any of your information to third parties, however, we reserve the right to follow up on inquiries and from time to time keep you abreast of our latest developments by email. All credit card transactions are handled by STRIPE. We don’t’ process or hold any of your financial information ourselves.

-For a full breakdown of our privacy policy including GDPR please view our privacy policy.

-All the statements and information provided on our website are based on facts or our experience to date – we do not accept liability for any decisions or losses based on its contents.

-Our Zig-Zag or Z-Folding cards are generic alternatives to the Z-CARD. In no way do we represent our products as Z-CARD’s produced by Z-CARD Limited.