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For a fast, professionally produced video – arrange a remotely controlled shoot using your iPhone

19 March 2021

Finding the right videographer, available at the right time and in the right place, can be a tiresome and costly business; especially if you’re only looking to create a short clip. Add a pandemic, travel restrictions, and social distancing into the equation and you may have a real problem that can be solved quickly and easily by remote control.

Whilst Curveball does not offer videography services ourselves (our role is the design, print, and production of video brochures) we are regularly asked by our clients to recommend the services of video production companies who can.    

For some years we have recommended White Knight Production who access to a network of videographers covering the USA to meet their client’s needs. White Night is now pioneering the use of remote filming using a standard iPhone, controlled remotely by a director over the internet. You can visit their web portal by following this link.

iphone on a camera stand

Before any shoot, there needs to be careful preparation and planning to obtain the best results. White Knight will help you to consider your story, location, and lighting. On the day of the shoot, all you need to do is set-up your camera and allow the production team to access your camera via an app installed on your phone which is remote-controlled over the internet. 

For more information about the service view the White Knight filming guide

The only thing you may need to set-up, other than the camera, is studio lighting and a microphone, which, if required, White Knight will deliver to you prior to the day of the shoot.

White Knight will handle all the editing, including corrections, and present you with your finished video shot in high definition. By using your camera phone and providing the location, the production costs are a fraction of what you would pay if you contracted the work in the traditional manner; all delivered at a lightning-fast speed. 

For more details contact: [email protected]

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