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Covid-19 – Update

Covid-19 – Update:

There are currently no delays in production for video brochures at Curveball production hubs as of early August 2020.

We are experiencing some localized delivery delays in regions badly affected by the virus. Sadly, this is beyond our control. 

To mitigate any disappointment, we are planning extra transit days into our schedule to allow for this, however, this does mean slightly longer lead times in some cases.

Since the absence of passenger flights, dedicated air freight prices have increased by around 60%. We only use dedicated air freight services for video brochures as they contain ION lithium batteries.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increased demand for tablets as people are spending more time at home on the internet. This has had the effect of increasing prices for both 5,7 and 10-inch screens.

Whilst we are trying not to pass on price increases to our clients, in some cases, a surcharge to our published prices will be necessary. We hope and expect these price increases to abate toward the end of the year and the situation settles down and things return to normal, whatever that may look like?

Even though all Curveball hubs are Covid-19 free, all hands involved in production are gloved, employees masked and all boxes sterilized prior to dispatch. These precautions will stay in place indefinitely.


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