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HD IPS is coming to video brochures – What Is In Plane Switching…?

17 August 2020

What Is IPS?

IPS, or In Plane Switching, is a technology developed by Hitachi in the 1990’s designed to overcome a problem with older TFT screens – when not looking directly into the screen the image became dull, off colour and blurred. The IPS solution allows the viewer to look at the screen from a variety of angles whist the image remains in focus, clear and easily viewed. The technical difference is the way the crystals are aligned in the LCD screen, horizontally rather than vertically.

The IPS HD 7.0″ screen also has a higher screen resolution 1024×600 as opposed to 800×480 standard definition and the 1024×600 TFT HD version. This provides higher quality viewing from a variety of angles.

Do I Need IPS?

The short answer is no, our standard definition TFT screens offer a very good viewing experience and minimal battery drain. However, some clients who have shot high def video and have a target audience to whom they would like to provide the added wow factor, are the ones most likely to adopt IPS. The additional cost is fairly small, around £1-2.00 or $1.50 – $2.50 per brochure, depending on the volume ordered. With all the HD screens including IPS, they require more power to run. This means that IPS users will find the battery life will be shorter before recharging. We recommend IPS users upgrade to a longer life battery.

Are You Interested?

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