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Luxury Video Brochures For Less – Hints & Tips To Stretch Your Budget

27 August 2020

Everyone’s budget is finite. So, how do you get more bang for your buck when ordering video brochures?

Below are hints and tips for stretching your budget, without compromising the WOW factor.

Consider using a smaller sized screen. 

The size of the screen primarily dictates the unit cost of video brochures. By reducing the size, you reduce the unit cost by up to half. 

Screen quality is not all about high-definition (HD) and in-plane-switching (IPS).

The latest HD IPS screens are beautiful, but don’t ignore the older standard definition (SD) screens – their image quality is excellent, and their cost has reduced significantly. The 4.3-inch screen offers both great value and incredibly low battery drain.

Keep your brochure’s footprint small.

Another factor in the unit cost of a video brochure is its physical size. Not only do more oversized brochures require extra materials, but their size also increases the freight cost. For instance, if and 8×6-inch standard A5 brochure’s freight cost is 10% of the overall cost, enlarging it to A4, bumps up the price by around 15% (10% extra freight and 5% materials). 

Don’t overcomplicate your design – keep it simple.

Within our base price, we allow for full-color printing and gloss or matt lamination. With the right design, this is all you need to make your brochure look amazing; remember that the video is king, and once users see and interact with the screen, the printed message is diminished. Keep your creative, clean, and text-lite. For best results, focus your message within the video recording and keep your print uncluttered.

Don’t overspecify the flash memory of your device.

Before we install your raw video file, we convert it to the correct resolution. In this process, the file size is reduced by approximately 50%. We include 256mb of the flash memory within our base price; this equates to 12 mins of HD video footage after installation. Rarely are we asked to produce a video brochure with more than 8 minutes run time, but often we are asked to accommodate the raw size of the file, which is unnecessary and increases cost.

Tell us about your excellent credit score, possible cash advance, and flexible lead times.

Believe it or not, one of the costs we have to factor is bad debt provision. If you have a great credit score, it reduces our exposure to risk. If you have funds available and can pay in advance, we don’t have to borrow to cashflow your order. And if you have flexible lead times, it gives us flexibility when production capacity is scarce. All this matters to us and can result in discounted prices.

For more practical ideas on making the most of your budget, please schedule a call, or send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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