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The Benefits of Video Brochures to The Healthcare Industry

1 April 2021

In the world of marketing, there’s the saying “never tell someone something when you can show it to them instead”. In many ways, that’s what video brochures are all about. We’re living in times where watching videos has become the most popular way of consuming content all over the world. 

They’re people’s preferred format of learning and take minimal effort to consume and that’s important in this day and age as attention spans get shorter and shorter. Videos also grab attention, make people curious and engage more senses by making messages more memorable.

It’s for this reason why video marketing has proven to be so effective and why video brochures produce such a positive impact, particularly on the healthcare industry.

How A Video Brochure Works

When a video brochure is opened, a video starts playing automatically. Most video marketing companies (like us!) use 7″ HD screens to perfectly reflect the quality of our client’s products and services. Video brochures are a truly unique type of marketing collateral because viewers don’t need a computer, internet connection, smartphone or any other playback devices to watch them.

The standard storage capacity is 256 MB and can be expanded up to 8GB (depending on video requirements). 256MB equates to 12 mins of HD video (once converted) and 8GB over three hours. The videos are uploaded using a USB interface and can be transferred or replaced at any time.

The Benefits of Video Brochures

Video brochures provide a unique experience because people find it easier to consume the content as opposed to other marketing alternatives. They’re highly preferred by many compared to reading and are convenient because people can watch the videos whenever is most suitable for them. This means of marketing also brings out a lasting impact. It’s much cheaper investing in video brochures then paying for TV commercials or trying out another marketing channel.

In terms of budget, a huge benefit that video brochures bring to the table is one of efficiency – the content can be easily changed. This allows pharma companies, hospitals and healthcare professionals to re-use them over and over again in different ways. Even better, they won’t need to spend more money to print loads of new brochures every time they want to change their message or bring it in-line with industry trends.

Video brochures generate high levels of engagement because of the “wow” factor. They’re also much more memorable compared to printed marketing collateral. Studies show that people only remember roughly 20% of the content they read, even as soon as three days later. But when marketing copy is combined with motion and sound, that number increases to a whopping 80%.

Stand Out From The Competition 

Brochures are a traditional piece of marketing collateral that have proven to be effective for a number of years. But, instead of providing a brochure with an average amount of text and images, healthcare companies can give themselves a competitive edge by adding video. They can help to inform potential clients and patients, spark new conversations and communicate key messages better than any other piece of marketing collateral currently available to invest in.

They Leave a Lasting Impact

Due to their widespread use, print brochures can be found anywhere. But being able to showcase your business’s products and/or services through video will not only attract customers but leave a lasting impact on them too. Studies have shown that people retain more information when they see and hear something as opposed to when they only hear or only see it.

By handing a video brochure to a pre-targeted recipient, you can deliver a message in a state of the art way where they can experience the presentation at their own convenience.

They Build Trust and Brand Credibility 

Video brochures are the perfect way to create a personality for your company and your brand, enabling you to connect with viewers and gain their trust. In fact, 90% of people now say that videos are helpful in the decision-making process. The more you help educate and inform people, the more you will build on that foundation of trust. This foundation of trust is especially important for hospitals and physicians as their patients will want to know they’re in the very best care.

In What Medical Areas Can Video Brochures Be Applied?

The potential use of video brochures within the healthcare industry is quite broad. When video brochures contain the right content, they can explain procedures, market a new product or service, or help patients understand a new type of medication.

In today’s culture of sharing content instantly, video brochures come into play because they provide patients, healthcare professionals and decision-makers with instant access to the content, allowing them to share it.

Video is often the preferred marketing method, simply because it’s the most effective. This is the reason why it’s found its way into the healthcare industry. Pharma companies, hospitals, physicians, and other medical professionals spend a lot of money developing medications and consequently promoting them. Video Brochures can deliver the message right into the hands of those who needs to see them. Additionally, with large numbers of people working from home, video brochures can deliver multi-media presentations making them an extremely powerful means of direct marketing.


Video brochures are very effective at creatively illustrating the benefits and side effects of starting medication. Patients often receive too much information than they can process by physicians, and sometimes, it can be explained in such a complex language that they don’t understand. This is exactly where video brochures can be beneficial to patients. A well-designed video brochure can explain prescription information in an easily digestible way and can be watched over and over again as needed.

Patient Diagnosis

Receiving a medical diagnosis can be emotionally challenging for patients. The shock and fear of an unexpected diagnosis can also make it difficult for patients to understand and retain the information their physicians tell them. However, video brochures are a great alternative because they’re easy to understand and portable. Patients are able to watch the audio-visual content in the comfort of their homes and share it with their friends and family if they want to.

Medical Equipment/Tools

Many people will use a type of medical equipment at some point during their lives, whether that be a temporary device or a long-term medical solution. But the complexity of some devices combined with limited face-to-face interaction with physicians can lead to patients feeling overwhelmed and confused.

To avoid this, hospitals and physicians could instead use video brochures because they can provide patients with the information they need to use medical equipment themselves. Even better, video brochures can include audio-visual “how-tos”, so if a patient ever feels unsure of how to do something, they can always revert back to a brochure to double-check for themselves.

Medical Procedures and Operations

As medical technology continues to advance, patient conditions can be addressed using a wide variety of procedures and operations. Prior to receiving treatment, patients are often offered several options by their physicians and then asked to make a decision a little quicker than they feel comfortable doing. However, with the use of video brochures, patients can receive in-depth information about the treatment options available to them and consider each one from the comfort of their own homes.

Trade Fairs

Video brochures allow pharma representatives to convey the advantages of their products with no appointment necessary. This is particularly important when it comes to standing out from other companies and exhibitors during trade fairs. They’re a very effective marketing material that can be used to pique potential customers’ interest in a particular product or company.

In our experience, the more unique and exciting a video brochure appears to be, the more attention it will attract, and we can help you with just that.

Video Brochures From Curveball Printed Media

At Curveball Printed Media, we have extensive experience in the healthcare marketing space in the United States and Europe. We have the knowledge and “how-to” to produce unparalleled marketing materials that make a difference. All of the video brochures we design and produce are completely bespoke, and we work with our clients to understand their needs to ensure we create the perfect products.

We currently produce video brochures for Pfizer, Bayer, United Therapeutics, Novocure (to name but a few), who regularly use us to promote their pharma products to key decision-makers and influencers within the buying cycle. We also work with hospitals, physicians, dental and cosmetic surgeries, clinical suppliers and insurance companies who turn to us for their video brochures needs.

If you would like Curveball Printed Media to handle your video marketing needs, whether that be a hard or soft cover video brochure, POS display, LCD business card or video box, please get in touch today by calling our New York office on +1 917 398 9542. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form here, and one of our experienced account managers will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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