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Turbo Charge Your Next PR Campaign With Curveball Printed Media

1 September 2021

Reputation is everything in the world of business. The saying “it takes years to build and only seconds to lose” is completely true. Luckily enough, you’re in control – you can give the press and media something to talk about!

The problem is, how do you stand out and ensure maximum impact? PR is the answer, but a lot of businesses do it. You need to be different and deliver something that has the “wow factor” all over it.

So, instead of using traditional press releases and other marketing collateral, why not invest in video brochures for your PR campaigns? You may think we’re biased because video brochures are what we specialize in but going the extra mile, just for assurance, is always worth it. Let us explain!

How Video Brochures Work

When a video brochure is opened, a video starts automatically. Most vendors (including us!) use 4.3, 5, 7 and 10 inch HD screens to perfectly reflect client products. Video brochures are unique because no other marketing collateral even comes close to matching what they can achieve. Viewers don’t need a computer/laptop, internet connection, smartphone or any other playback devices to watch them.

The standard storage capacity is 256 MB and can be expanded up to 8GB. 256MB equates to roughly 12 mins of HD video (once converted) and 8GB over three hours. Video content is uploaded via a USB interface and can be replaced at any time.

They Can Be Used Time and Time Again

Perhaps you invest in video brochures, but then a few weeks down the line, your company decides to change their product focus. Now, the video content is completely irrelevant and can’t be pushed out. You don’t want to throw away the investment, so what do you do?

Fortunately, video brochures can be used time and time again. New video content can be uploaded via a built-in USB interface so you can use your video brochures for different PR campaigns or each time you want to alter your messaging.

They Build Credibility Amongst The Press

Video brochures can bring your brand to life and give it a credible personality. It’s this element alone that makes the investment so worth it. Media professionals receive tons of mail each day, so do you think you’ll catch their eye with a “bog standard” press release? Don’t get us wrong, you might get lucky, but your success rate should matter more to you than just that.

Immediate Access

Video brochures store content locally which is important when media professionals are low on time. An internet connection isn’t needed to play the content, so you never need to worry whether your recipients have a connection or not. In other words, video brochures can be played anytime, anywhere and on-demand.

They Simplify Technical Concepts

Some concepts are difficult to explain. You might have become an expert within your industry over the years, but media professionals will rely on you to simplify technical concepts. This is exactly where video brochures can lend a helping hand. Videos can show the press how your products work.

You can also use animated video brochures to keep them engaged when learning about a technical concept. Instead of boring them, you can draw them in with video content that is enjoyable to watch.

video brochure with IBM logo


What Industries Can Use Video Brochures for PR?

Real Estate

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of real estate companies using video brochures as part of their marketing mix. Within this industry, video brochures can be used in different ways.

They can advertise a realtor’s company and their strengths. They’re a great “keepsake” tool to hand to potential buyers, so their future home is kept in front of their eyes. Video brochures also make great “thank you” cards when closing a business relationship. This takes marketing (and brand awareness) to an entirely new level.


Reaching those with influence and buying power within the finance sector can be rather tricky. This has given rise to the use of video brochures. They can be used in many ways, but the most popular revolves around creating new business opportunities at trade fairs. They can convey product advantages in a creative way and with no appointment necessary.


The complexity of IT solutions means that technical features and product benefits need to be conveyed clearly and concisely. Historically, the IT sector has used diagrams and animations to market products. These visualizations lend themselves very neatly to video marketing, particularly the use of video brochures for direct marketing campaigns.


Pharma and healthcare companies have long had a problem conveying the benefits of their medicines and/or products to doctors and patients. However, video brochures and LCD video boxes are a solution and often more economical than employing salespeople to make appointments with increasingly busy healthcare professionals.
In the past, we’re proud to say that we’ve worked with Pfizer, Bayer, United Therapeutics and Novocure who’ve used our products to promote pharma products to key decision makers within the buyer cycle.

Education and Workplace Training

The time and money spent on education and employee training is being revolutionized by the rise of video. Often teachers and employers need to train multiple people at once. This makes it difficult to bring them together (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic). Video brochures are the solution.

Of course, traditional mediums of education and training involves a fair amount of organizing and paperwork. It can also require travel which can sometimes incur high costs. But teachers and employers can now send educational materials directly in the form of video brochures.

video brochure with IBM logo in a black background

Your Next PR Campaign X Curveball Printed Media: A No Brainer

At Curveball Printed Media, we pride ourselves on being a video brochure vendor that you can trust and talk to. We don’t like constant email “back and forths”; we’d prefer to talk to you over the phone to learn more about your objectives and talk you through our process.

We can you provide industry-leading advice on which printing options we believe are best and then provide you with a bespoke quote based on your requirements. This is because we want you to know that you’re dealing with experienced professionals who care as much about your next PR campaign as you do. After all, our future depends on your success.

If you would like Curveball Printed Media to take your PR success to new heights, whether that be in the form of a hard or soft cover video brochure, please get in touch today by calling our New York office on +1 917 398 9542. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form here or drop us an email at [email protected], and one of our friendly customer service managers will be in touch.

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