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Video Brochure Production and the Coronavirus – Covid 19

24 April 2020

Video Brochure Production and the Coronavirus - Covid 19

During most of February, our main production hub in China was closed due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak. We returned to full video brochure production on February 24th, 2020.

Curveball’s manufacturing facility, used for the production of our video marketing products, is located near Shenzhen – not originally a hot spot for the outbreak. There are now no new infections or deaths reported in China.

Our staff and manufacturing center are virus-free, however, video brochure production is carefully quarantined to avoid any risk to goods leaving the factory – as a precaution each box is fully sterilized prior to dispatch.

Covid-19, unlike the influenza virus which can live outside the body for 48 days, can only survive for a week (less in high temperatures). This means that there is no risk of contamination in receiving goods directly from our production facility in China.

The coronavirus continues its spread from country to country, further restrictions relating to the movement of goods and personnel in each state which may delay video brochure deliveries.

We will do our utmost to keep you informed at all times regarding these matters – as, when and if they unfold.

Yours sincerely

Adam Hazelwood
Founder – Curveball Printed Media

[email protected]

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