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Artificial Intelligence

Video brochures and video booklets use in the generative AI sector

Why would a company or institution use video brochures for AI projects?

The world of AI is complex, cutting-edge, and often…confusing. For companies and institutions showcasing their AI projects, traditional brochures can leave audiences overwhelmed. Curveball offers a solution: custom video brochures that bridge the gap between technical brilliance and human understanding.

Why Video Brochures for AI Projects?

  • Break Down the Barrier: Complex AI concepts can be made more accessible through engaging visuals and clear explanations. Video allows you to showcase the “why” behind the AI, not just the “what.”
  • Humanize the Technology: Put a face to the innovation. Feature interviews with your AI team, showcase real-world applications, and connect with viewers on an emotional level.
  • Boost Engagement & Recall: Studies show viewers retain information far better from video than text. Interactive elements within the video brochure can further enhance audience participation.
  • Demonstrate ROI: Clearly illustrate the return on investment for your AI project. Use video to showcase increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved outcomes.
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The use of LCD Video books

AI Research video brochures can be used at conferences to attract grants for your project, private market interest in investing, collaboration with companies, and even other LLM or generative AI researchers.

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