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LCD Video Mailers In
The World of Logistics

Do something different.
Pitch a curveball.

In today’s fast-paced logistics landscape, grabbing attention is crucial. Static brochures often get lost in the shuffle. Curveball offers a powerful solution: customizable video brochures specifically designed for the logistics industry.

Why Video Brochures for Logistics?

  • Eye-catching Engagement: Move beyond flat, forgettable brochures. Video captures attention, boosts retention, and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Showcase Your Expertise: Demonstrate your capabilities with impactful visuals. From warehouse operations to complex supply chains, video lets you explain services more effectively.
  • Target Specific Audiences: Segment your video brochures to address the needs of shippers, carriers, or financial service providers.
  • Highlight Competitive Advantages: Set yourself apart by showcasing your technology, logistics network, or client testimonials.

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What Are Video Marketing Products Used For In The World Of Logistics?

There are many and varied uses, but the most popular purpose revolves around creating new business opportunities.

One of the most successful adaptations for video cards, which started in the logistics industry, is personalizing the video intro. While this is more work (each video mailer requires a unique video), response rates can rise by a massive 40% when the client takes the time to personalize each brochure.

With the potential revenues from new clients in the logistics sector being potentially large, it is no wonder it is a core sector both in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors.

Curveball delivers

  • A library of logistics-focused video content: Save time and resources with pre-shot footage relevant to the industry.
  • Customization that packs a punch: Integrate your brand, messaging, and key statistics for maximum impact.
  • Seamless online ordering: Get started quickly and easily with our user-friendly platform.
  • High-quality printing: We ensure your video brochures look as impressive as they perform.
  • Direct Mail - acquisition
  • Seminar invitations
  • Sales leave-behinds
  • Company reports/investor relations
  • Pitch submissions/tender documents
  • Press/PR packs
  • LCD Business cards

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