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Video Brochures For Industrial Engineering

Video brochures and video booklets use in the industrial engineering sector

Why would a company or institution use video brochures for Industrial Engineering?

A good example is a client we’ve serviced in the field of heavy engineering (tunneling) who uses video booklets for the training of employees in site safety. When underground, there is no signal or network to connect to. Instead, our hand-held battery-powered video books have no connectivity problems – all the video files are stored in the flash memory of the device.

Video brochures can be used in the engineering field as:

Explain Complex Processes: Industrial engineering often involves complex processes like data analysis, optimisation methods, and automation. A video can break these down visually, making them easier to understand for a broader audience.

Project Examples: Include short clips of successful projects where industrial engineering played a key role in improving efficiency or productivity.

Facility Tours: Take viewers on a virtual tour of their facilities, showcasing the technology and work environment used by industrial engineers.


The use of LCD Video books

The video brochures we produce for industrial engineering companies are usually handed out at open-days, used for safety training or onboarding as part of employee orientation

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