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LCD Video Mailers In
The World of

Do something different.
Pitch a curveball.

In today’s competitive recruitment landscape, traditional job postings simply don’t cut it. You need to capture attention and tell your company’s story in a way that resonates with the best candidates. Curveball offers a powerful solution: customizable video brochures designed to make your recruitment efforts stand out.

Why Video Brochures for Recruitment?

  • Go Beyond the Job Description: Bring your company culture, work environment, and employee testimonials to life with engaging video. Show, don’t just tell, why your company is the perfect fit.
  • Engage Candidates on a Deeper Level: Video allows you to connect with potential hires on an emotional level, fostering a sense of connection and excitement for the opportunity.
  • Showcase Your Employer Brand: Highlight your company’s unique values, mission, and benefits package. Video brochures put your employer brand front and center.
  • Target Specific Roles: Create custom video brochures tailored to different positions, attracting the most qualified candidates for each opening.
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What Are Video Marketing Products Used For In The World Of Recruitment?

There are many and varied uses, but the most popular purpose revolves around creating new business opportunities.

One of the most successful adaptations for video cards, which started in the recruitment industry, is the personalization of the video intro for your company or as a personal branding tool as a recruitment specialist or head hunter.

While this is more work (each video mailer requires a unique video), response rates can rise by a massive 40% when the client takes the time to personalize each brochure. Given the potential revenues placed on securing C-suite and highly skilled staff in the recruitment sector being potentially large, it is no wonder that video brochures are becoming a popular medium.

  • Direct Mail - acquisition
  • Seminar invitations
  • Sales leave-behinds
  • Company reports/investor relations
  • Pitch submissions/tender documents
  • Press/PR packs
  • LCD Business cards

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