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Science & Research

Video brochures and video booklets use in the science and research sector

Why would a company or institution use video brochures for scientific research?

Scientific research can alienate many people, which is why visual queues that can explain high-level concepts are so effective when trying to convey your findings to a wider audience, especially those who might not have scientific expertise.

Video brochures can be used to:

Break Down Complex Science: Scientific research often involves intricate concepts. Short animations or simulations within the video brochure can visually represent complex processes, making them easier to understand for potential funders or collaborators who may not have a scientific background.
Showcase Research Highlights: Use the video to highlight key findings, breakthroughs, or potential applications of the research. This can be particularly compelling for attracting grant funding or industry partnerships.
Showcase Research Environment: Give potential researchers a glimpse into the research institution’s labs, facilities, and collaborative atmosphere.
Passionate Researchers: Feature interviews with researchers discussing their work and the impact it can have. This can inspire and attract talented individuals to join the team.
Make Science Accessible: Communicate the importance and societal benefits of scientific research to a broader audience through clear explanations and engaging visuals, fostering public interest and understanding.
Highlight Societal Impact: Show how the research contributes to solving real-world problems, like climate change, disease prevention, or technological advancements. This can generate public support and potential partnerships.


The use of LCD Video books

Research video brochures can be used at conferences to attract grants for your project, private market interest in investing, collaboration with companies, and even other researchers.

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