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  • 5-inch hardcover video brochure front cover
  • 5-inch hardcover video brochure screen view
  • 5.0-inch hardcover video brochure opening

Video Brochure 5 inch

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This A5 (8x6.25-inch) hardcover video card is custom printed to your design. The edition pictured here houses a 5.0 inch HD IPS screen with a screen resolution of 800x480 pixels and includes an integrated capacity pocket designed to house a personalized invitation. Production times are approximately two weeks. We have no minimum quantities, printing 1-24 copies digitally, x25 copies and above using a lithographic offset press. Why not order your free sample today?

  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Resolution (pixels) 480 × 272 or HD 800 x 480 NOW WITH IPS
  • File Format MP4, MOV or AVI
  • Battery Size 2 Hours
  • Play Time 3 – 9 Hours
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Video brochure price list
March 2021

If you would like a guaranteed estimate, we strongly recommend you contact us directly for an official quotation, valid for 30 days. Here you can also use our quick look-up price calculator if you have an exact quantity and screen type, or if you need to compare our prices with another quotation.

All our customized work – LCD video boxes, video displays, and print products are estimated individually, according to your specifications. Contact our estimating department and request a quote.

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