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When Creative & Media Marry Perfectly

When Creative & Medium Marry Perfectly - 9x9-inch Hardcover Video Brochure

Occasionally we are presented with a graphic design for one of our products, and immediately the thought is – yes – this is going to look incredible. This 9×9-inch video brochure is a good example.

The brief we had from agency Anton Kirindongo, was that this video brochure should be of high-end, stand-out quality. After toing and froing with some examples of prior work, it was agreed to proceed with creative for a hardcover video brochure measuring 9×9-inches square and incorporating a 7-inch HD video screen.

We received Anton’s creative a week after we submitted the design template for art purposes. Once we saw the design, it was clear this project could produce a beautiful result marrying Anton’s illustration with a classy high-end video brochure. The result wasn’t disappointing.

Most video brochures we produce use a matte lamination to finish, and this example was no exception. Matte lamination is a thin plastic coating with a blurred opacity that acts as a light filter. The result is a classy, smooth, and textured finish that matches Anton’s design perfectly.

We had a week to print, die-cut, laminate, program, and assemble 100 video brochures before shipping. As ever, we work quickly to meet our client’s deadlines, but never such that we don’t have time to deliver a quality product.

The results speak for themselves.