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Video brochure prices have increased by approximately 20% during the Covid-19 pandemic – here’s why?

16 October 2020

Video brochure prices have increased by approximately 20% during the Covid-19 pandemic - here’s why?

Demand for tablet screens used in video brochure production was up around 25% in Q2 2020 and continues to rise. This is due to the change in working conditions in light of the Coronavirus pandemic; with many more people either furloughed or working from home in a SOHO environment, internet use has increased dramatically.

The high-end HD IPS screens’ availability is in especially short supply and carries a 100% price increases in 7-inch. Currently, the 10-inch screen is out of stock with no sign of availability in the short term. The smaller screen sizes have faired better with price increases of around 5-15% in the 2.4, 4.3, and 5.0-inch range.

Additional complications are that paper and board’s raw material prices have increased this year, and specialist stocks’ availability is minimal. We would recommend anyone considering a video brochure project to stick with our house stocks to avoid disappointment or delay.

And finally, transport costs have increased to the USA by around 50% and the UK 30%. Although transport costs are a relatively small percentage of the overall bill for the small format video brochures, the larger format brochures and video box which have a much larger footprint, have been severely affected by the increase. 

Transport costs have risen because passenger flights on commercial airlines, which traditionally carry cargo, are grounded with the coronavirus restrictions. This means the availability of dedicated air-couriers is in high demand, and as such, their rates have increased exponentially. 

As the pandemic passes, we are hoping that capacity will catch up to meet demand, and as commercial flights start to operate and carry freight, prices will come down early in 2021. There are no guarantees. We are at the mercy of government restrictions and market demand. All we can do is our best to manage your needs in what has been a very challenging year.

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