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Introducing Our Latest Video POS Displays

17 April 2024

In today’s retail environment, engaging customers and enhancing their shopping experience is more important than ever. Our latest video Point of Sale (POS) displays are designed to meet this need by providing a dynamic and interactive customer experience.

Here’s what sets our new video POS displays apart:

Key Features

Up to 15.4-inch IPS Display

  • Vivid Display: Our displays feature up to a 15.4-inch IPS screen, offering crisp, clear images and wide viewing angles to attract and engage customers.

Interactive Activation

  • Button or Motion Sensor: Activate the display using a simple button press or automatically through motion sensing, providing flexibility in how customers interact with your content.

Versatile Power Options

  • Mains Connection or Lithium Battery: Whether you prefer the reliability of a mains connection or the flexibility of a lithium battery, our displays cater to your needs.

Customizable Design

  • Acrylic Fascia Printing: Tailor the look of your POS display with custom printing on an acrylic fascia. We can accommodate any practical size and shape to suit your store’s aesthetic and purpose.

Benefits for Retailers

Enhanced Customer Engagement

By incorporating video content into your POS system, you can capture customer attention more effectively, providing an immersive shopping experience.

Flexible Placement

Thanks to the versatile power options and activation methods, these displays can be placed in various locations within a store, from the checkout line to individual product sections.

Custom Branding

With the ability to customize the design of the display, you can reinforce your brand identity and make a lasting impression on your customers.

Ease of Use

Designed with simplicity in mind, these displays are easy to set up and operate, ensuring a seamless integration into your current retail environment.

Getting Started

Incorporating our latest video POS displays into your retail setup is straightforward. Contact our sales team for more information on how these innovative displays can transform your customer experience and enhance your store’s ambiance.

Elevate your retail space today with our cutting-edge video POS displays.

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