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Work in Healthcare? Make an Impact With Curveball Printed Media!

10 June 2021

It can be challenging to get consumers and key influencers attention in the “seen it all” world that we’re living in. Luckily enough, there’s a solution, and it’s one that Curveball Printed Media have been specializing in since 2002…

Video brochures are an incredibly powerful marketing tool because of the “wow factor” they deliver to viewers. They’re brilliant at drawing attention, retaining it and communicate key marketing messages more effectively than any other type of marketing collateral.

Video marketing isn’t limited to a single industry or type of business either. But they’re particularly effective within the healthcare and pharma sectors in the United States.

Are you ready to find out what the benefits are of investing in this unique marketing collateral? Let us explain!

They Creatively Showcase Products and/or Services

Traditional brochures are quite limited in what they can do. For example, there’s only so much information you can try to convey on a page.

However, video brochures provide you with a unique opportunity. You no longer need to leave anything up to patients’ imaginations. You can covey messages in a creative way that they’ll enjoy watching.

They Can Be Used As a Training Tool

Sometimes your company will need to train new and existing staff. In this scenario, video brochures are far better in terms of flexibility and reducing costs. In the workplace (whether that be an office or hospital), video brochures can be played anywhere and viewed by anyone who missed a training session.

They can also really enhance the learning experience because video content appeals on many levels because people simply enjoy watching videos.

They Can Be Used Time and Time Again

After you’ve received your video brochures, you’ll have the option to adjust their content in the future. New video content can be uploaded via a built-in USB interface so you can use your initial investment anytime you need to reach different patient groups.

They Can Be Accessed Immediately

Video brochures store the content locally, so an internet connection isn’t needed to play the videos. So, you’ll never have to worry about connection or WI-FI speeds whenever patients are viewing them. In other words, video brochures can be played anywhere and at any time, whether that be in a hospital or in a patient’s home surroundings.

Adding The Personal Touch 

Adding the personal touch to marketing collateral makes a massive difference. It’s what will help you stand out in the crowd and should be your primary marketing goal (if it isn’t, it should be!).

Like we previously mentioned, you’re limited with traditional brochures when it comes to “copy real estate”. But, with video brochures, you have the option to add “the personal touch” by customizing all aspects of it.

Our Recent Work For Novocure

For years, we’ve been creating video brochures that are used by the healthcare and pharma industries in a plethora of environments. Many of our clients use the video brochures for product sampling and sales “leave-behinds”, during clinical trials, for seminar invitations and direct mail campaigns. But our recent work for Novocure was a project that we’re especially proud to shout about.

Optune is a chemotherapy drug manufactured by Novocure. We produced standard video brochures and delivered them to Germany (HQ) and Japan. For this edition, we produced 300 copies, which included x6 video clips. The brochures are for use in hospitals by doctors whilst operating in theatre.

As recipients are likely to be wearing surgical gloves, our team felt that a touch screen option would give better resistance against water and mess. The video consoles were plastic coated on both sides of the board to assist in water resistance and to make them easy to clean. The screens are 7-inch HD IPS touch screens and mounted inside an A4 portrait hardcover outers.

7-inch HD IPS touch screens

Curveball Printed Media – Your Video Marketing Partner

At Curveball Printed Media, we have extensive experience in creating bespoke video brochures for the healthcare industry. Since our inception back in 2002, we’re now proud to have worked with Novocure, Pfizer, United Therapeutics and Bayer to name a select few.

The components and materials that we use can be fully customized to your requirements down to the smallest bit of detail. With our expertise, we can advise you on how your brochure can be branded and presented to achieve the biggest impact.

If you would like Curveball Printed Media to handle your video marketing needs, whether that be a hard or soft cover video brochure, POS display, LCD business card or video box, please get in touch today by calling our New York office on +1 917 398 9542.

Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form here or drop us an email at [email protected], and one of our experienced account managers will be in touch.

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