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Video Brochures Use
In Healthcare

Healthcare is the single largest market for video brochures and video marketing products

How Do We Define Healthcare?

Under the generic banner of healthcare, we include pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics, insurance, clinical supply, hospital treatments, dental and cosmetic surgery, doctor and patient communications – all of which have prime application for Curveball video brochures and LCD video display materials.

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How Are Video Marketing Products Used By Pharmaceutical Companies?

Pharmaceutical companies have a problem conveying the benefits of their latest drug to doctors and consultants who ultimately hold the responsibility of recommending their medicines and treatments to patients.

Video marketing products like video brochures, video mailers, video books, and LCD video boxes provide an effective medium for pharmaceutical companies to market their products or educating their channels to market. The use of video in direct mail and sample packs is often more economical than employing salespeople to make appointments with increasingly busy healthcare professionals.

We currently produce video cards for Pfizer, Bayer, United Therapeutics, Novocure (to name but a few) who regularly use Curveball video collateral to promote pharma products to key decision-makers and influencers in the buying cycle.

How Can Video Brochures Be Used By Patients?

Hospitals and doctor’s offices regularly have to communicate facts about a complex medical procedure to patients with little or no understanding of their pre-existing conditions

In these instances, health centers often use a video-brochure or LCD video book to help impart important medical information, especially useful for patients who are self-dosing or self-treating their condition at home.

Switching on a video Box for Total Petroleum

The best uses for video marketing collateral within the healthcare sector

Here are some of the possible applications for the use of video brochures and video marketing products within the healthcare sector. To find out more about how our video cards and video boxes can assist your healthcare marketing needs.

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  • Product sampling & sales leave-behinds
  • Clinical trials
  • Seminar invitations & direct mail
  • Exhibition collateral and digital signage
  • Corporate brochures
  • Company and investor-relations reports

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