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Video Brochures For Education & Training

Video brochures and video booklets use in the education and training sector

Why would a company or institution use video brochures for training?

A good example is Kroger, a 90 billion dollar business in the food retail sector; we supply Kroger with video brochures to help train their 250,000 store staff across the USA. Kroger used Curveball’s video brochures as a stop-gap while their on-line training portal was being rolled-out.

We also have a client in the field of heavy engineering (tunneling) who uses video booklets for the training of employees in site safety. When underground, there is no signal or network to connect to, instead our hand-held battery-powered video books have no connectivity problems – all the video files stored in the flash memory of the device.

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The use of LCD Video books

How do educational establishments use LCD Video Books? Schools and colleges make excellent use of video marketing collateral, mostly for acquisition purposes. With each student placement being worth approximately $250,000, investing in clear and compelling marketing communications is vital.

The video brochures we produce for colleges and schools are usually handed out at open-days or mailed to attendees of open-days as a follow-up and thank you.

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