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Impress IT decision-makers with our stunning video brochures.

Why Is The IT Industry A Key Market For Video Brochures?

The IT industry struggles with a problem common to most clients ordering video brochures – hard to reach buyers and influencers controlling multi-million dollar budgets and a plethora of vendors all trying hard to get their value proposition heard all at once. Getting noticed can be challenging.

Another factor is the complexity of IT solutions and the need to convey an array of technical features and product benefits in a clear and straightforward manner. For this, the IT sector has long used diagrams and animations to sell their solutions. These visualizations lend themselves very neatly to video marketing, particularly the use of LCD video mailers as direct mailshots.

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What Kind Of IT Company Uses Curveball Video Collateral?

The bigger the sale value, the more likely the use of a video mailer. IBM has used Curveball for short-run pitch proposals – beautifully packaged and presented video brochures produced in short runs to accompany a tender submission.

Systems integrators and software vendors targeting the B2B mid-range to enterprise audience will often commission us to make hundreds and even thousands of brochures in the form of a video mailer that lands on the desk of the relevant VP.

What ROI can IT companies expect when using video marketing products?

We have a client, Compass Group, who used a short run of x25 video brochures as part of a UK mailing to NHS trusts targeting outsourcing projects each valued above £100,000,000.  After a week of mailing COO’s, they had 10 new appointments from sales call follow-ups and added a whopping £1.2 billion to the sales funnel. Not bad?

We can’t take all the credit – the offer, the creative used and the skills of the salesman all come in to play, but by any stretch a good investment – with each brochure costing around £30.00 ($40.00).

Clients rarely share these types of results with us for a variety of reasons, however, one compelling statistic which we are happy to report – in excess of 75% of Curveball’s revenue is derived through existing contacts returning to order video marketing products again and again.

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What are the most popular video products IT vendors purchase?

Overwhelmingly the most popular screen used by IT vendors is the 7.0 HD IPS screen. This is the best quality screen in the sector and affordably priced, easy and cost-effective to distribute.

More often than not we deliver IT industry video brochures in presentation boxes or printed cartons as the vast majority are sent through the mail.

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