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Video Products
Use In Property &
Real Estate

Video brochures are already widely used within the real estate, design, property, and construction sectors.

Just how do real estate companies use video brochures?

The most significant demand for video brochures within the property sector emanates from realtors. The sheer number of real estate companies and their need to visualize listings to potential buyers make them ideal candidates for utilizing video technology.

Video brochures can house up to two hours of video, storing up to 8MB of information across an unlimited number of clips. These clips can be added to and deleted as new property listing become available.

Another widespread use for video marketing products is in the acquisition of new listings. A video brochure dropped through the mailbox of a retail property can focus the owner’s mind on which vendor has the best marketing skills.

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What type of video brochures are most popular among realtors?

Why are video brochures so popular with realtors? The simple answer is they work. A video brochure costs around $20.00 each, which is a small investment compared to the large sums tied up in commission for selling a luxury property. Video brochures create impact and add value, are highly visual, quick, and easy to use.

A good rule of thumb – the more expensive the property listing, the more expensive the video brochure used to market it. We supply BHSS and Keller Williams luxury listings with 10-inch hardcover video brochures, down to 4.3-inch softcovers to commercial lettings agents in Brooklyn, New York. The right-sized tool for the right job.

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What Other Ways Are Video Brochures Used In the Construction Industry?

We produce a great many video brochures for engineering companies such as AEON, Stantec, and Whiting-Turner. These are corporate pitch documents and usually produced in short print runs, usually with a doc-box attached for hard copy pitch submissions.

Another popular use is staff training and in particular site-safety. Often construction sites have no WiFi or 4G and video brochures provide a simple means by which to convey the latest site safety information to workers.

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