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DOWNLOAD: Seven Video Brochure Mistakes Many Marketers Make

Things To Avoid Doing When Designing Your Video Brochure Campaign

Softcover video brochure

Download our short e-book and make your video brochure campaign a success

We've distilled our 20 years experience to outline 7 key points that many marketers, and even our competitors, often miss.

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Video brochures have become an important tool in many lead generation campaigns, helping brands stand out in the increasingly cluttered digital outbound space. This short e-book will:

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    Help you plan both the printed and video material to complement each other for optimal results

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    Use all of the key features and functionality available in video brochures

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    Provide tips on planning the whole campaign.

"Not only did the video brochures come out beautifully, but Curveball was a responsive partner throughout the process. I would definitely recommend Curveball for anyone evaluating printed media vendors" testimonial-author Jessica O.

Our video brochures receive such positive feedback from clients for being an innovative marketing leave behind. The Curveball team is reliable and easy to work with, they helped us make our vision a reality by helping to create a custom piece." testimonial-author Danielle L.

Try Something Different

If a picture can say a thousand words, just imagine the potential a video can do. That's why we want you to take the plunge and try something different with us. Send your next client something they'll physically have to hold, not something they can watch on a phone screen.

Why Curveball?

We want you to succeed. And with existing clients making up over 75% of our revenue, it's clear they're happy with their results. Since 2002, Curveball has supplied leading brands and their agency partners across the USA and Europe with high-impact marketing mediums - created by us for people like you.

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softcover video brochure

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