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Video Brochure – The Perfect B2B Marketing Communication

10 August 2022

Launching a new product or service is no longer the same. With so many digital marketing mediums surrounding you, it is getting hard to cut through the noise and market your product effectively. The majority of buyers of B2B products and services now view videos throughout their journey to purchase. To build your customer base and generate more revenue, you need to get your video in front of your customers. However, what is the best way to make those videos appear that attract your potential customers? Creating a video brochure. Today, video brochures are a new marketing method that is becoming increasingly popular.

 By creating a video brochure, you can give your customers a closer look at your brand and market your product in the most unique way possible. 

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What is a Video Brochure?

Video brochures have been around for a while, but in early 2020 they saw a huge resurgence. Now the video brochure has become a popular tool for sales, fundraising, education, training, and recruitment. Many companies have seen great results from video brochures, but few people know about them.

The video brochure is a card-based product with a TFT or LCD screen, and to store video content, they also have a sound chip and SD/USB storage. A video brochure will play a video along with a sound the moment it is opened. That effectively informs your clients or customers about your company, products, or services.

Essentially, video brochures are interactive pages businesses use to communicate their message and drive their bottom line. Business owners can use it to engage their audiences. It’s certainly one of the most engaging marketing techniques.

They support a variety of video formats, including MP4, AVI, MPEG, and MOV. And to fit the different requirements of advertising companies, their LCD screens come in different sizes. The dimensions of printing and covers can also vary greatly, as can the sizes and formats. As a result, it offers an extremely flexible and customizable platform for branding and publicity.

What Companies Use Video Brochures? 

Companies that sell B2B products or provide their services to agencies often use Video Brochures. Generally, the more expensive the contract, the more likely the vendor will use a video brochure to market its products. 

 The Key Sectors that use video brochures are:

  • Real Estate: It is essential for customers to be able to visualize themselves living in the house before buying it. For this reason, real estate sectors have been using video brochures that are ideal for showcasing expensive properties. 
  • IT: When it comes to attracting big-budget companies, IT firms need extra help. Using a video brochure is a great way to get noticed. With the help of visual displays, IT companies are educating their prospects and presenting relevant information.
  • Healthcare: There are many ways in which video brochures are used in the healthcare industry. Everything from medicine to medical equipment to technical operations can require a great deal of complex information. With video brochures, the healthcare sector could deliver the message clearly.
  • Education & Training: Video brochures have been used for staff training and educational purposes and to convey complex information. Video brochures are ideal for underground training since they don’t require internet access. Schools, colleges, and universities can also benefit from them when holding open days.

Why Do Companies use Video brochures?

Compared to simple print brochures, video brochures are known to expedite buying decisions by 72%. By up to 50%, they increase retention and comprehension. In addition, 75% of customers prefer these brochures to plain, printed ones because they tell an engaging story.

Our video brochures are visually stimulating and present interesting facts about your products and services. 

 The following are a few other ways we can add value to your business:

 Effortless marketing tool: Print marketing tools establish only one-way communication with target audiences. In contrast, audio-visual communication cues provided by video brochures make them more effective. Simply put, this means that your message will reach your audience effectively and clearly.

  • Easily edit video post-production: Video brochures can be easily edited after production. Companies can also update or add information to them to update existing product information. Because they are so easy to edit, they are perfect marketing tools for this modern digital age.
  • Innovative Way to Attract Customers: Innovations to generate new leads are always welcome, aren’t they? With video marketing brochures, companies can attract new customers/prospects to their brand. 

How Are Video Brochures Used?

Video brochures are ideal for trade shows and product displays. Instead of reaching one person at a time, the video brochure makes it instantaneously possible to sell to a group of people. Hand out one to everyone at a trade-show presentation, and everyone gets the message you wish to get over.

 It is possible to use video brochures in a variety of ways. Whatever your industry, you can use video brochures to reach your ideal customers. 

In this section, we will explore how you can take advantage of video brochures.

 Staff Training: Using your video brochure for staff training is one way to make the most of it. When you want to explain information and keep someone’s attention, videos can be the perfect tool. You can access and watch that video without the Internet if you attach it to a brochure, making it a portable, attention-grabbing training kit.

 Welcome Videos: Make your brand stand out with a video brochure. By doing this, you’ll be able to catch your audience’s attention in a way they’re not used to, resulting in a greater impact. You can use video brochures to introduce your brand to new customers or to show them why you’re the best. Additionally, you can use them to welcome new employees.

 How-To Guides: Providing your customers with video brochures can be a great way to engage them. It’s a great way to explain how to use your products and services in a concise manner. It is more likely that your customer will share your brochure with family and friends and remember you as a brand to purchase from in the future if you include valuable information. Video guides are also much easier to follow than written instructions alone.

 Testimonials: A testimonial can be a very powerful marketing tool. If you combine them with a video brochure, you have an impressive marketing tool. Video testimonials from satisfied customers are useful for showing potential customers your product or services and can be very persuasive. By using videos instead of traditional brochures, you will be able to keep your audience’s attention for longer.

 Do Video brochures Work?

When it comes to connecting with audiences, a video brochure delivers a level of creativity, cut-through, and flexibility that’s unlike any other. Using video brochures, you can convey a multi-media message effectively and efficiently. The success of any individual campaign depends on the content, design, targeting, delivery, and timing of the piece. However, the results can be startling when all elements come together with a compelling message. 80% of our work comes from repeat customers – that speaks volumes for their effectiveness and ROI.

Are Video Brochures Expensive?

Video brochures and video boxes come in many configurations with different pricing. Ultimately, the cost depends on your choice of style, size, quantity, and custom options. Detailed estimates for all custom work –  video displays, LCD video boxes, and print items – are provided on a case-by-case basis, based on your specifications. For pricing and configurations, check our pricing catalog.

 You can rely on us to assist you in determining the best strategy to achieve your marketing goals and ROI. Curveball customers agree that our product quality and customer service surpass the competition, delivering the best value without a lot of hassle.

 Video Brochure Onboarding – How It Works

 After reviewing our prices and requesting a sample, where next – how does your video brochure get created?

 Confirm the screen size and format. There are various sizes and specifications to choose from, including hardcovers and softcovers. After you decide on the format, we’ll send you a design template that you can use with your designer. We will provide a layout from your design assets if you do not provide a design resource.

  • We recommend that you create artwork in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign and supply us with it in a high-resolution .pdf file with bleed. For Curveball to layout the print art, we need text, logos, images (high resolution), fonts, style guides, and basic page layouts.
  • You can upload your print art to us using our web courier service, WeTransfer, once it has been completed. 
  • Upon receiving your print art, we will send proof for your approval. There are several options for this process, depending on your needs and timeframe.
  • After you approve the art, we will request you to provide information about the project, which we will integrate with our estimate and send via Pandadocs for auto-signing. Our production process begins once your digital signature is on our OC.
  • You will find the production lead times at the bottom of your order confirmation, including delivery times.
  • For your convenience, we can provide you with a production copy before accepting the delivery, as well as high-resolution images of your finished product.
  • We will send you our sales invoice via email once you have received the finished brochures so that you can pay by credit card or EFT directly to our bank account.

If you need help creating video brochures, consider reaching out to our professional team. With the right price, we can help you achieve your goals.

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