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Case Study - Fenner Dunlop - Hardcover 7.0 HD IPS Video Brochure

Hard Cover 7.0 HD IPS Video Brochure:

We recently produced this 8×6” hardcover video brochure for Fenner Dunlop, an engineering company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Fenner is one of the world’s leading suppliers of conveyor belting.

We printed the A5 wrap using an offset lithographic process; the lining paper was coated with plastic laminate to provide a punchy, high-gloss appearance, it was then applied to a grey-backed board and finished as a hardcover, similar to a photograph album, or yearbook.

This video brochure contained a single video file, controlled using a PLAY/PAUSE toggle switch located underneath the screen. Upon opening, the brochure switches to the ON position, and a static image, or splash-screen, populates the screen until the user presses a button to activate the video. With the addition of a volume up and volume down button, the recipient is entirely in control of the device. When the cover is closed, a hidden magnetic switch deactivates the brochure and conserves its battery for its next use.

Fenner used their video brochure to support sales personnel and distributors within their offices located worldwide.

Below are a series of questions and answers relevant to the 7.0-inch hardcover video brochure

Question – Where can I see this product on your website?

Answer – Follow this link to view the relevant product information. Here you can download a digital design template, look up prices, and order your free sample.

Question – What is the difference between hard and softcovers?

Answer –This document clearly explains all the information you require to choose which cover type is right for you.

Question – What’s the process for producing a 7.0-inch hardcover?

Answer -This document explains how the onboarding process works.

Question – How much do these video brochures cost?

Answer – Follow this link to view prices presented in $USD, GBP sterling and Euros.

If you require any further information regarding this product, please schedule a call, or send us an email, alternatively visit our FAQ page for a detailed explanation of commonly asked questions.

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