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Place Your Marketing Directly into Customers’ Hands

22 February 2022

Marketing is everywhere. From your social media accounts to adverts in your local newspaper, there are plenty of ways to get in front of your target audience. But how do you get yours noticed?

What if there was a tactic you could use that would put your advertising in the physical hands of your customers?

Video brochures can be sent directly through the door of your client and straight into their hands.

Unlike any other type of advertising, using video mailers can significantly improve everything from your brand awareness to your sales.

Animoto discovered that video adverts were the top way consumers discovered a brand they later purchased from. We believe that including a video in the form of a physical brochure only adds to the appeal.

If you’re thinking of investing in video marketing, make yours stand out further by adding it to a video brochure or video box.

In this blog we will look into video mailers, the benefits and what you will get out of using the Curveball mailer service.

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What Is a Video Mailer?

A video mailer is a bespoke video brochure or video box printed that can be sent directly to a client or potential customer. Video brochures and boxes can be used for several marketing purposes, including sending samples or introducing your brand to new customers.

They can come in the form of a printed box, padded envelope, printed letter, personalization, or any combination of the above to suit your purpose.

The video mailers are packaged in a way that will avoid any damage during postal service.

Read on: Everything you need to know about video brochures.

The Benefits of Direct Mail

Direct mail advertising allows companies and brands to send physical mail directly to potential customers’ mailboxes. These can come in the form of paper brochures, postcards and, of course, video brochures.

We’re used to receiving post every day. We’re not so used to getting a video box through the door containing product samples and a HD video to watch. That’s what makes video brochures and boxes so unique and attention-grabbing.

Customer Responses

There are many benefits of direct mail marketing. It has shown to directly impact sales with open rates of up to 90% and response rates of 62%. It is also reported that 70% of customers see direct mail as more personal than online adverts and interactions.

You’re missing out if you’re not already using direct mail as a marketing tactic. It’s harder to ignore marketing when it’s physically put in front of you and it’s a lot easier to skip an advert and scroll past an email.


Video brochures can be interactive, making for a more exciting and memorable experience. From adjusting the volume to pausing the video, customers are less likely to throw away the video brochure and use it again.

Clients are also able to replay the video, increasing the number of times they can interact with your brand’s marketing.

video box product from Curveball Printed Media

Specific Targeting

You can use specific targeting to make sure your brochure reaches your particular target audience. By refining your targeting with data, you can focus on age, average household net worth, household income, number of children and other important aspects that will help pinpoint the best places to post your brochures. This way, you can get the very most out of your video mailer.


If you know a lot about who you’re targeting your brochure to, you can use personalized videos to increase the chance of getting their attention. Or you can personalize the brochure design to target them specifically.

We all love to feel special. Marketing that does this can see a large benefit in response rates and customer loyalty. Take the Coca-Cola personalized bottle campaign for example, customers posted pictures of their name on coke bottles which made it a viral campaign.

Less Competition Than Online Marketing

Marketing is everywhere. Literally. On the TV, on your phone, on billboards, on bus stops, on busses, on taxis. The list is quite a long one. So how do you stand out?

The average person receives around two pieces of mail every day through their letterbox.

Whereas around 100+ emails and 60+ adverts.

Which do you think is most likely to get your customers’ attention? Video brochures get your advertising into the physical hands of your customers.

Decrease your competition by using video brochures sent directly to your customer.

QR Codes

Using traditional forms of marketing doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to all things digital. You can pair them nicely together with the use of QR codes.

Place one on your brochure and send them to your website, social media page or your reviews.

How Much Extra Does It Cost?

The prices range from $7 per pack upwards but depends on the complexity of the media solution and postage service. Get in touch with us directly to discuss options and to get a quote specific to your campaign.

The Benefits of Using the Curveball Video Mailer Shipping Service

We handle everything for the client from beginning to end.

Whether you require next day delivery or the most basic of mail services, we can cater to all your mailing needs.

Our rates are competitive, with clients coming back again and again to use our quality video mailer shipping service.

We have a history of working with the likes of Aston Martin, Philip Morris and Daimler, as well as small, independent businesses which highlights the versatility of this product.

We also have an impressive 80% return rate from our customers who come back again for more results.

How To Utilize Video Mailers

The possibilities are as wide as your imagination when it comes to video mailers. And when you think about it, if a picture if worth a thousand words, just imagine the potential of a video box.

You can use video boxes and video brochures to get your product in the hands of your ideal customer. From using it as a high-end welcoming tool to attracting new customers with a sample box, you can find a way to utilize them for any marketing strategy.

We have found that video brochures work even better for specific industries, which includes finance, healthcare, real estate, education & training and IT.


Create new business opportunities by personalising your video brochures to suit your clients. Although this will take a lot more work, the rewards will be worth it. We have experienced a 40% rise in response rates when videos are personalized to each brochure.

The potential revenue in the finance industry makes this extra step incredible viable. This is why video brochures work so well for financial clients.

fresh food destination video brochure for marketing closed


Video mailers can be used for a range of reasons in the healthcare industry. From explaining the benefits and side effects of medication, how-to-use guides for medical equipment or staff training, the options are endless.

You can offer patients and in-depth description of medical procedures and operations to give them all the information they need without it being too overwhelming. They can also rewatch the video as many times as they please in order to make the right decision for them.

This is an incredibly helpful and luxe product for private healthcare companies to use, setting them apart from others.

Real Estate

The potential for video brochures in the real estate industry is huge. With the potential of high commission for sales on luxury properties, the small investment of a video brochure is worth it.

Using a video brochure to showcase a tour of current properties on sale is a great way to market to your ideal, high-profile clients.

Education & Training

Staff training and open day information is another way for video brochures to be utilized. We find this especially popular in industries such as engineering where sites have a lack in Wi-Fi. These brochures do not require internet, making them a great tool for staff to use when learning how to use new tools underground etc.

Our video brochures can hold two hours’ worth of video, so there’s no need to worry about running out of time. You can ensure the video has all the information needed for employees.


It can be tricky to get noticed in the IT industry, this is why video mailers work so well. We can assure that your product gets directly to the influencer you want to get the attention of.

With technical elements, explaining these complicated products can be difficult with just text. That’s why videos are so useful in an industry like this. Not only is video more engaging, but a video brochure is so unique that it’s likely to maintain the attention of your client and make you more memorable.

Trade Fairs         

Stand out from the crowd at trade fairs with a video brochure or video box. You can showcase your product, convey the advantages and convince buyers all without making an appointment.

A video box or video brochure is an impressive marketing piece to use in person at the likes of trade shows. The more unique you make it look, the more potential you have to make an impact. We can help you do exactly that.

How Does the Process Work?

When you come to us wanting a video brochure, we will initially discuss everything from your goals to how you would like the brochures to be distributed. Our team members will take the time to listen to what you want to achieve and work out the best way to utilize your brochure.

For a video brochure the process will usually consist of the following:

  1. Talk through your needs with one of our customer service representatives. We will then let you know a price and send you a sample.
  2. You can then request or download a graphic design template from the website in the form of a PDF.
  3. Once you have your art and video files ready, send them to us using our free digital courier service.
  4. We pre-press your files and proof back to you in a variety of ways.
  5. Upon receiving proof approval from yourself, we send you a detailed order confirmation to sign off all elements of the project including print and component information, delivery addresses and schedule. Once received – we are in production.
  6. We ship worldwide using DHL.

If you would like to use our mailing service, we can then discuss what you would like the pack to consist of and what elements we need from you.

How Much Extra Does the Mailing Service Cost?

The prices range from $7 per pack upwards depending on the complexity of the media solution and postage service.

Why Choose Curveball?

Just a few of the benefits of choosing Curveball video brochures includes:

  1. Free digitally printed samples delivered to your door within 48 hours.
  2. Fully upgradable.
  3. An in-house design studio for free layout design.
  4. No obligation and risk free.
  5. No minimum order.
  6. The highest-quality components, printing, and finishes.
  7. Underwriting your risk by offering credit.
  8. 80% return rate from clients.
  9. Fast turnaround, typically your video brochure is ready in 2-3 weeks.

Get In Touch

If you’re ready to try something different in your marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to enquire through our website. Arrange a call with our team members who will be able to speak you through the process and discuss your best options.

Curveball can handle all your video marketing needs – choose from a hard or soft cover video brochure or opt for something even more unique like our LCD business cards or video boxes.

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