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What is a Video Brochure and Why Choose Curveball?

1 December 2021

Is your industry incredibly competitive? You need a unique marketing tactic to make an impact and get noticed by your audience. But you can get yourselves in front of the people that matter. Portable, upgradeable and unforgettable, a Curveball video brochure is a powerful tool to get your brand seen by high value and high margin clients.

Grippingly captivating, video brochures combine aesthetic and technical elements to create a powerful message for the right people. This blog post will explain what a video brochure is, what it can do for your brand and how Curveball can help with the success.

Video Brochure samples

What Is a Video Brochure?

A video brochure is a unique promotional tool that can be used to display a product or service and can be sent directly to your target audience. The assembled card product houses a HD, IPS screen inside which plays a video automatically.

They can be a handy tool for explaining complex information without overwhelming your audience, which can sometimes happen with paper leaflets and long-form content.

What Are the Benefits of Video Brochures?

Video brochures offer a range of benefits, from being completely customizable to working as an effective promotional tool. When done correctly, you can get a lot out of using a video brochure to get your brand out there. Read on below to see just how effective they can be.


Video brochures cut out the two-stage process of promotional products. Without needing to download software, connect to Wi-Fi or plug into a power source, you’ll retain over 50% of your audience by cutting out this second step.

When you open the cover of a video mailer, book or brochure, it automatically switches itself on and starts to play. It’s that simple. Since it plays automatically, you’re capturing their attention immediately. No other tool is as simple, effective and memorable.

Simplify Your Message

Is your product complicated? Video brochures give you a way to explain complex information in an easy-to-understand format. They can add a touch of excitement and intrigue to even the most mundane subjects.

Customizable and Bespoke

You can easily adapt your video brochure to match your campaign or brand with bespoke and free design layout by our in-house designers. Supply your logos and artwork and let us do the rest.

To give your video brochure the edge, you can also opt for special treatments including debossing, spot UV varnish, foil effects and soft touch lamination.

Fully Portable

Reach your audience anywhere, anytime, without the need for internet connection or downloading software. With a battery life of 90-minutes, your video can be watched again and again. It even comes with a rechargeable lead just in case.

Effective Promotional Tool

Video brochures are one of the most effective promotional tools created in the last 25 years. Not only are they easy to order and use, but they enhance brand awareness in ways other products cannot. They bridge the gap between on and offline media like nothing else.

video brochure blue design

The Differences Between Hard-Cover and Soft-Cover Video Brochures

Video brochures come in two forms, hardcover or softcover. They both do the same job; they just look a bit different. Although the name might suggest otherwise, a softcover video brochure isn’t exactly soft. The hardcover version is more durable, and the main differences are in the look and feel. To sum the differences up:

Hardcover video brochure:

  • A more premium look and feel
  • Take longer in production
  • Durable
  • Has a lip
  • 1000gsm grey board lined with a 157g silk paper

Softcover video brochure:

  • Simple layout
  • Can be produced quicker than hardcover brochures
  • Less heavy and therefore less expensive to post
  • Can easily incorporate slots for business cards and leaflets
  • No lip
  • 300gsm or 18PT C1S card wrapped around a foam base

Variety of Sizes and Upgradable Options

Video brochures come in a variety of sizes, resolution and functionality. The current range we offer at Curveball is 2.4, 4.5, 5.0, 7.0 and 10-inch. All screens, as with TV’s, are measured corner to corner.

The quality of the screens has improved majorly over the last few years, meaning all screens are now fully HD with IPS options. In Plane Switching (IPS) screens are ideal for when more than one person is watching due to the all-angle viewing.

There are also ways in which to upgrade your video brochure by adding additional flash memory, control buttons or utilizing the latest touchscreens to improve the experience even further. Our brochures can hold 10 minutes worth of HD video at 256MB, but this can be upgraded to 8GB if required. However, rarely do video brochure contents go over 5 minutes long, but the extra time is there if you need it.

The standard battery lasts for 90 mins of continuous run-time before it will need to be recharged, giving plenty of time for your audience to watch your promotional video and even share it around. We can also upgrade the battery to allow for longer battery life if required.

patriot video brochure sample design

How Does a Video Brochure Differ to a Video Box?

A video box is a packaging solution which can house a range of promotional items, medical devices, or any item a client would like to distribute and promote alongside a video – anything from bags of coffee to shower fittings. The video inside the box can showcase how to use the product or explain it in more depth. Video boxes are usually bespoke and manufactured to precise dimensions to house whatever is required.

A video brochure is the perfect marketing tool to get your product, business or service in front of the right people in a way they won’t be used to. From helping explain complex information, to targeting your audience directly, using a video brochure is a great way to get your brand out there and make a difference.

What Do You Get in a Curveball Video Brochure?

Let’s get into the technical elements of a Curveball video brochure. All brochures can be made bespoke to your requirements if needed, but these are the most common settings that come with a Curveball video brochure:

  1. 10 minutes of HD video, but video brochure contents rarely exceed 5 minutes. If necessary, the 256MB can be upgraded to 8GB (2 hours’ worth) to allow for longer videos.
  2. Choice of screen sizes, from 4.3-10 inch.
  3. 90-minute battery life with a rechargeable lead.
  4. Touch screen options.
  5. Control buttons.
  6. No need for wi-fi or internet access.
  7. IPS options to allow for optimal viewing, perfect for audience groups larger than 1.

Why Choose a Curveball Video Brochure?

There are a variety of video brochure vendors out there, but Curveball has been serving the needs of clients across North America and Europe for over 20 years. Boasting experience in all aspects of the video brochure process, from print to production, our clients’ expectations are always achieved and exceeded. We pride ourselves on our customer service and truly believe we offer the best video brochures out there, with a variety of special amendments to suit our clients needs.

Just a few of the benefits of choosing Curveball includes:

  1. Free digitally printed samples delivered to your door within 48 hours.
  2. Fully upgradable.
  3. An in-house design studio for free layout design.
  4. No obligation and risk free.
  5. No minimum order.
  6. The highest-quality components, printing, and finishes.
  7. Underwriting your risk by offering credit.
  8. 80% return rate from clients.
  9. Fast turnaround, typically your video brochure is ready in 2-3 weeks.

The Best Industries for Video Brochures

Specific industries will see added benefits in using video brochures and at Curveball we specialize in these departments. We know how your company can use video brochures to their advantage, standing out against your competitors. Whether your market is crowded, or you have a complex product you need to explain in the simplest of terms, we can help you.

The following industries will see an extra benefit out of using video brochures to market their products or services. Here’s how:

Real Estate

When selling a house, customers need to be able to visualize themselves living in the property. And what’s more visual than a video tour?

That’s why video brochures are ideal for showcasing expensive properties to attract potential buyers. And with up to two hours of footage available, there is plenty of chance to market several listings in one go.

Much more impactful than a couple of still images on a computer screen, video brochures housing property tours are a unique and effective way to sell properties.


IT companies may need extra help when it comes to attracting important companies with big budgets. You need a way to get noticed. And the way to do that is through a video brochure.

IT solutions can be incredibly complicated, so portraying your information in a straightforward way is very important. Diagrams and animations are usually the best way to do this, which works seamlessly with a video brochure. You can educate and get the relevant information portrayed in a visually pleasing way.


In the healthcare industry, there are a vast number of ways video brochures can be used. Anything from medicine, medical equipment, and technical operations can require a lot of complex information. So, whether it’s explaining a medical diagnosis to patients or describing how to use a medical tool for the first time, too much information can be overwhelming. That’s where the use of video comes in.

Content can be easier to understand and more likely to be remembered when conveyed visually through video. Video brochures can help deliver the message in a simplistic way.


We consider the likes of banking, wealth management, retirement planning and insurance as the main financial sectors that will benefit from using video brochures. We understand that creating new business opportunities in the finance industry can be difficult. How do you reach those sought-after clients? Well, we see a huge increase in response rates with video brochures that use personalized videos for every client. And although this can take a lot more time and effort, we’ve seen cases where responses rise by 40%, which makes it worth the hassle.

New clients in the finance sector can bring huge amounts of revenue, so it’s worth considering implementing them into your marketing strategy. See how we can help you today by booking in a call.

Education & Training

Not only can video brochures be used to convey complex information, but they can also help with staff training and educational settings.

As video brochures don’t require internet access to work, they are ideal for training engineering staff underground with no signal. They can also be beneficial for schools, colleges, and Universities when conducting open days. As students are worth around $250,000, it can be a great investment for getting them on board in a unique way.

Get Your Brand Out There

Intrigued to know how a video brochure can help your business in particular? Why not book a meeting with one of our specialists to discuss your options? We’ll be happy to talk through any questions you have and what you can do to maximize the benefits of a brochure for your company. And with our no obligation guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Every project we work on is handled with expertise and care. We want your marketing campaign to succeed and will use all our experience to make sure it does. Get in touch now to get started.

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