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Video Brochure Response Rates – What ROI Can I Expect?

30 September 2020

Video Brochure Response Rates - What ROI Can I Expect?

We get asked this question regularly. The short answer is – it’s not that simple.

Video brochures, as with printed leaflets, brochures, and other advertising mediums, are the vehicle conveying your value proposition. Separating the response to the message from that of the medium can only be achieved by running comparative tests across various mediums.

Another important aspect concerning video brochure response rates – their use is broader than purely direct-response marketing – often used for awareness, branding, and internal communications campaigns.

The answer is – there’s more to it than can be measured in pure response terms.

How can I build a justification for using video brochures if I don’t have some idea of the response rates they achieve?

While we don’t have any quantitative research to back up the effectiveness of video marketing products for the reasons above, we do have eight years of experience as a manufacturer, and during that time, we can safely say that:-

  • 80% of our revenue comes from repeat orders, or existing customers returning to run new projects. They see the value in what we deliver.
  • The global market for video brochures has expanded year on year for the last ten years and shows no sign of slowing down. If anything, the growth rate is increasing (pandemic aside).

Success Stories:

As a manufacturer, we are rarely responsible for the overall campaign, only the collateral; therefore, we rarely receive quantified feedback on a campaign; we are more concerned with meeting the client’s delivery and quality needs from a product perspective. 

On occasions, we work closely enough to gain an insight into the success of a campaign:

10-inch hardcover video brochure's slip case featuring spot UV varnish

  • The Entertainment Group (TED) produced a 10-inch hardcover video brochure to use as a pitch submission and won a tender cruise-liner entertainment. The comments from the client, “not only was this the best proposal, but it was also the best-presented tender we have ever seen!”
  • Compass Group. We worked with a sales director targeting hospital trusts in the UK with a facilities management proposition to run and maintain their infrastructure – each proposal worth a minimum of £100,000,000 per year.  We produced 25 brochures sent to CFO’s. He achieved 12 new meetings from his telephone follow-up, adding £1.2 billion to his sales funnel in just over a week.
  • Richard Lewis LLC. Richard runs a small law firm in Orlando, specializing in compensation claims. Over the last two years, he has mailed 4-5 video brochures a day, with a personalized message from himself to the damaged party offering his services. That’s a one-person business ordering over a thousand video brochures each year. It works for him.

Video brochures effectively reach critical influencers in the buying cycle; however, they rarely carry a direct response mechanic, relying on the recipient to pick up the phone, or a salesperson to follow up. It’s not like monitoring clicks or website hits, making it harder to evaluate response rates. 

We are looking at ways to integrate video brochure off-line marketing with online responses by using QR codes and NFC tags; however, both options are currently a two-stage operation limiting their effectiveness. 

If you would like to speak to our customers to vouch for the medium’s effectiveness, we can arrange this for you.

For more information regarding video brochure response rates and effectiveness, please contact one of our account team, or schedule a call.

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