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Everything You Need To Know – Curveball’s Free Graphic Design Service

13 August 2020

Curveball’s Free Graphic Design Service

We design layouts for some of the largest and smallest companies in the world – anyone requiring an experienced and quick graphic designer for their print art. What’s more, it’s free!

This document details what we commit to

What do you get with Curveball’s free design service? 

We offer to produce a free print-ready layout for our ‘house’ products based on receipt of design assets from you, or your client. The design assets required include:

  • High Res logos
  • Images min 300dpi
  • Text
  • Fonts
  • Design or style guides
  • Outline design brief

Once we have received your design brief, we will set about the first draft using one of our design templates based on your chosen specification.

How long does it take to create a finished layout?

Generally, it takes us 1-2 days to complete the entire process; however, this does depend to some extent on the availability of our client and the speed at which they provide us with updates and alterations.

Most designs are signed off following three drafts and three sets of text amends.

For what document types does Curveball offer free design?

We commit to providing a free layout for any of our house products, including:

Media inserts, such as business cards and booklets for insertion within video brochures and video boxes, are not covered in our free design offer. However, we are happy to provide you the service and offer an estimate for undertaking the work.

Can we see examples of work you have produced? 

Yes! We design a lot of the material we make. If you let us know the product you wish to commission, we will send you examples of creative work we have designed to the same specification.

Are we committed to buying if you provide a design for free?

No. Sometimes projects get pulled at the last minute for a variety of reasons beyond anyone’s control. You are not obliged to order, even if we have finished the creative layout.

Why do you provide this free design service?

We’re providing layout rather than design. It’s easy for us to do so because we have in-house designers who have worked with our products for years and can quickly pull together the creative.

Ultimately, Curveball is in the business of providing print products, and if we can expedite the process and make it easier for our clients, everyone wins.

Do you also work with agencies and in-house designers?

The majority of the work we produce is designed either by agencies or in-house creative departments. If you have that resource available to you, it’s always best to use the people you know and trust with your brand. We can provide technical support, design guidelines and templates to assist them with your design.

We are only looking to help those who don’t have design capabilities or who’s creative resources are not available at short notice, which we are.

What are the credentials of Curveball’s design team?

We have over fifty years of creative experience in the studio with print and product graphic design with a specialization in cosmetics and toiletries.

We use Adobe suite to create layouts and provide proofs via .pdf for approval. Where necessary, we also offer mockups and pre-production dummies to ensure the desired results.

All in all, our free design offer is a simple, quick, and straightforward service, helping our clients achieve their objectives. 

If you would like to find out more, please schedule a call, or contact us here.

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