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Video Brochures In Action: The White Knight Productions X Curveball Interview (Part Two)

30 April 2021

In our previous blog post, Gavin Tice from White Knight Productions caught up with Adam Hazelwood – Curveball Printed Media’s founder to understand how video brochures leave a lasting impression. This time around, they both speak again, but this time to discuss how video brochures are used in action and how personalization is key when it comes to bespoke video marketing. Stuck on time? Don’t worry! We’ve included the video below!

Gavin: Welcome to Amplify with White Knight Productions. I’m your host Gavin Tice. At White Knight, we’re all about amplifying voices through storytelling. And in this series, we’ll be connecting with industry professionals who know how to boost messages are in pride. Today, we’re very excited to talk with Adam Hazelwood. Can you share some of the success that your clients have seen in using video brochures?

Adam: It’s very broad-reaching. Our biggest client is a company called Kroger, who you’re probably going to know based in Cincinnati; they are a $90 billion grocer. Now, they’re our best customer. They use a lot of video brochures, but they don’t use them for selling food. They’ve got 260,000 employees in these great big concrete stores, many of which don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. 

So in order to train the staff, what Kroger have done is they’ve actually put together programs using video brochures that go out, and they have group training sessions in store in groups of about 5 to 10. And it’s worked really well for them. 

Gavin: The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed how companies advertise and get their message out. With trade shows and conferences and other business meetings being put on hold. How do you see video brochures fitting into this new picture?

Adam: One of the things that the pandemic has forced people to do is work from home. But, with a video brochure, you can actually address it in an envelope and send it through to the corporate address. It will then be forwarded to people in their own homes. So you can still reach individuals who have been working at home for months with an offline communication that delivers a multimedia presentation. And it’s like, Wow, that’s pretty cool. That really is pretty cool. It’s something physical rather than a link in an email. It really has impact. It has tangibility. 

Gavin: Adam, is there anything else from your experience that you can share with us about video brochures?

Adam: The future is in personalizing everything, personalize the video brochure, personalize the video that is contained within it and try and get it as on point as we possibly can. So it’s going to kind of go down the same evolutionary cycle that direct mail did when companies used to do mass mailings. They didn’t use to personalize anything, just like throw as much against the wall as you possibly can. You know, and over time, technology has allowed people to kind of drill down and get more personal. 

Gavin: Thank you so much Adam for sharing your expertise in the world of video tech products. To learn more about Adam and his company, visit and secure more insider scoops on how to amplify your story. Be sure to follow White Knight Productions on your preferred social media for updates on future episodes.

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