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Why are video brochures and video boxes are perfect marketing collateral in 2021?

11 February 2021

We have all been affected by covid 19. While our experiences, views, and opinions differ significantly, as a business community, we have one thing in common – we need to adapt to the new normal if we are to both survive and thrive.

During the spring of 2020, Curveball experienced a drastic reduction in orders, down by around 75% from the previous year. Since then, things have steadily recovered. But in those dark days, when border restrictions and lockdowns threatened our very existence, it was difficult not to believe this was the beginning of the end. For others less fortunate, this prophecy sadly came true.

We now find ourselves in a world where personal connections are severely restricted. Zoom meetings have become the standard, in-person events a thing of the past, and non-essential travel non-existent. That’s quite a change?

From a marketing perspective, this provides new challenges.

Doing nothing is not an option, but where do you place your emphasis and budget allocation?

In Curveball’s daily activity, we speak to numerous advertising, creative and digital agencies throughout North America and Europe. During the remainder of 2020, many reported their clients’ emphasis shift to on-line advertising, promotion, and reworking of web strategy – with time on their hands, they turned to the areas where they could make an immediate impact.

However, not all elements of the marketing mix can be duplicated by tweaking a website or sending an email campaign.

How do you replicate the experience of a trade show or conference online?

Moving forward, will it be possible to deliver offline campaigns with a large percentage of prospects and customers working from home?

We think the answer is yes, and we can already see it happening. Over the holidays and into the new year, we have produced an increased number and volume of mail campaigns utilizing the video collateral – opening doors during a lockdown, which would otherwise remain closed.

We also believe that direct marketing will continue to grow throughout 2021, and high-value video collateral will increase in demand, helping you bridge the physical divide between your and your customers.

In the meantime, let’s adapt and make a better future for ourselves and the markets we serve.

Editor – Adam Hazelwood – Director

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