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Executive Summary

This case study explores the strategic use of Curveball Printed Media’s softcover wrap and 7-inch screen video brochures by South Walton, a premier destination in Northwest Florida known for its 26 miles of sugar-white sand beaches and 16 unique beach neighborhoods. Facing the challenge of effectively conveying the beauty and diversity of its offerings to potential visitors in a saturated market, South Walton turned to an innovative solution: softcover video brochures. This initiative aimed to captivate and engage potential visitors by delivering a dynamic and immersive preview of the destination.


South Walton, renowned for its stunning beaches, vibrant communities, and diverse attractions, sought to differentiate itself and create a lasting impression on potential tourists. Traditional marketing methods were not fully capturing the essence and allure of the destination. The objective was to find a unique and impactful way to showcase South Walton’s charm and appeal to both domestic and international markets.


The hypothesis was that by utilizing Curveball Printed Media’s 7-inch screen video brochures, South Walton could provide a more engaging and memorable promotional tool than standard print or digital advertising, leading to increased interest and tourism.


South Walton’s agency partners chose Curveball Printed Media to design and produce softcover video brochures featuring a 7-inch IPS screen. The brochures were crafted to highlight the best of South Walton, including its beach neighborhoods, outdoor activities, culinary experiences, and cultural events. The distribution strategy targeted travel agencies, trade shows, and direct mail campaigns to potential visitors.

Case Presentation

The video brochures were designed with high-quality visuals and compelling content that showcased the beauty and diversity of South Walton. The 7-inch screen provided a vivid display, and the softcover format ensured durability and ease of distribution. The content included stunning aerial views of the beaches, testimonials from visitors, highlights of local events, and a glimpse into the unique experiences available in South Walton.


The use of video brochures proved to be a significant differentiator in the market. Recipients reported a high level of engagement with the content, with many expressing increased interest in visiting South Walton. The video brochures also facilitated a longer retention of information compared to traditional brochures. The initiative led to a noticeable increase in inquiries and bookings, particularly from markets that had been previously untapped.


Based on the success of the campaign, it is recommended that South Walton continues to leverage video brochures as part of its marketing mix. Future iterations could include updated content to showcase new attractions or events, as well as targeted versions for specific markets or demographics. Additionally, incorporating QR codes to direct viewers to online resources for further information could enhance the effectiveness of the brochures.


The strategic use of Curveball Printed Media’s 7-inch screen video brochures provided South Walton with a powerful tool to engage potential visitors and convey the unique appeal of the destination. This innovative approach to marketing not only set South Walton apart from competitors but also demonstrated the potential of video brochures as an effective promotional medium in the tourism industry.