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What is a Video Box and How Does it Work?

10 December 2021

Struggling to stand out in an overcrowded market? Engaging and unfamiliar marketing tactics are what you need to get noticed by your customers. You can put yourself in front of the right audience and get results. Curveball video boxes will make your point in a memorable way, housing anything from samples to sweet treats.

video box - open side view

What Is a Video Box?

A video box is a packaging solution where a video console is located inside a box designed to house anything from product samples, promotional items, medical devices, or any item the client wishes to promote. It’s an adaptation of standard printed packaging containing a battery-powered HD IPS screen, sound speakers, and button controls – all wrapped in a console and cover-mounted inside the lid.

The box itself is usually bespoke, tailor-made and manufactured to precise dimensions to effectively house whatever is required – anything from bags of coffee to chocolate, t-shirts or even shower fittings!

We use the highest quality components and screen technology at Curveball to deliver the best possible brand experience on your behalf. Manufactured from durable materials and hand-finished with a premium look and feel, you won’t be disappointed with the results.

What Are the Benefits of a Video Box?

If a video brochure wasn’t enough, a video box can make double the impact. With a video that can explain all about your product or company, you can offer up a sample or personalized promotional product to wow your audience even further. How else can a video brochure benefit your business?

Bespoke to Every Client’s Needs
One of the most impressive aspects of a video box is that they are custom designed and produced completely unique to you and what you wish to put inside. We will work with you directly at Curveball to figure out the best sizing to fit whatever you desire inside the video box.

With each video box being unique to some degree, we work closely with you to create the right product to meet your needs. This includes creating a bespoke graphic design template and laser-cut foam inlay to house your items, be it a bottle of champagne or a bound company report.

Instant Attention
With video boxes, there is no need for instructions, downloads, safety instructions, security considerations, internet connection, or power supply – open the lid and the video starts to play – the contents beautifully presented for your discovery.

Experiential to Create an Impact
The impact of a video box lies in the experiential nature of its presentation – combining a printed message, video presentation, and product sampling in one hit. It creates and leaves a big impression on each recipient.

Reach Your Audience Directly
We get your product directly into stakeholders’ hands, even when they are working from home. Video boxes overcome obstacles that stand in the way of reaching stakeholders: contact restrictions relating to COVID-19, increased homeworking, reduced in-person events, and Zoom fatigue.

Do Something Different
From a recipient’s perspective, video boxes offer an alternative to the digital marketing they receive daily. Being presented with a physical product adds to the aesthetic, overcomes quality concerns, and allows the total value of your communication to be absorbed. They are also fun and exciting to receive.

What Can You Put in a Video Box?

We have 10 years’ experience producing a variety of sized video boxes, all housing completely different products. The most popular types of items are product samples and medical devices, but no matter what you would like to promote, we can create a bespoke video box to fit your requirements.

Video Box Screens

Video boxes can come in a variety of sizes, depending on what product you would like to include. Simply book a meeting with us to discuss your needs and we can look at which size would be best for your campaign.

We provide high-quality IPS screens in 4.5-inch, 5-inch, 7-inch, and 10-inch sizes. We currently offer the following resolution sizes: 420×272, 800×480 or 1024×600 and accept video files in the format MP4, AVI or MOV.

All our screens are high quality, with improvements over recent years allowing our 5 and 7-inch screens to be fully HD with IPS options. Video boxes are often placed in situ and viewed in groups for presentation purposes, demanding a technology called In-Plane Switching (IPS). IPS screens are similar to the lenses used in modern television sets, they allow you to sit in any corner of the room and view the picture clearly (as with the video box screens in IPS).

The battery in a video box lasts for 90-minute continuous play time and comes with a charger if required. This allows for more than enough time for your audience to take in the video and even watch it a few times over if they wish.

video box support struts

Is There A Minimum Order Quantity?

We produce video boxes from one copy upwards – there are no minimum requirements; however, most orders are more than thirty copies.

How Long Do Video Boxes Take to Produce?

When we receive your print art files, the lead time for most editions is between three and four weeks. It can be less for standard specification boxes or re-orders.

How Much Do Video Boxes Cost?

The price is estimated based on the size of the box screen and the number ordered. Most editions are more than thirty copies and cost between $100 and $180 each.

How Does a Video Box Differ to a Video Brochure?

A video box can house a range of items inside, as well as showcasing a video. Whereas a video brochure doesn’t have the space for additional items. However, brochures can have pockets to hold additional leaflets.

Video boxes can be around 50% more expensive than their brochure counterparts, but a key factor is the size of the box. The larger the video box, the more expensive it will be.

video box featuring cutaway foam insert

How Does the Creative Process Work?

Ordering a Curveball video box couldn’t be simpler. If you’re wondering how the process works, let us break it down into steps for you.

  • The first stage is scoping out the parameters of your project. For this, you will need prices and a production schedule, and a firm idea of what you are looking to enclose in your video box.
  • Once you have decided to proceed with your idea, we will take your specifications and create a design template, from which we will assemble a white dummy for your approval. You can also use it to originate your graphic illustration.
  • After approval of the dummy and in receipt of your art files, we will issue a soft PDF proof and create a printed studio mock-up to show how the final product will appear.
  • Providing this meets your approval, a detailed order confirmation will be provided for signature and an invoice raised.
  • Upon receipt of your signed order, we commence production. Images of a first-off-line copy will be provided to reassure you all is correct and once we have installed your video files and tested each unit before dispatch.

What We Need From You

To create your video box, we will need a sample or 3D render of the item you would like to put in the video box. This will allow us to laser-cut the foam inlay accurately – a snug fit prevents items from coming loose in transit and cracking the screen.

In some instances, we die-cut a foam screen cover as extra insurance against possible damage in transit – these can be made in the shape of a company logo to enhance the brand experience.

Why Choose Curveball?

With each video box being unique to some degree, Curveball works closely with you to create the right product to meet your needs. This includes creating a bespoke graphic design template and laser-cut foam inlay to house your items, be they a bottle of champagne or a bound company report. We will put everything into your campaign.

We have produced video boxes for Daimler, Aston Martin, and Philip Morris. However, many of our video box customers are small independent companies with a common need to reach stakeholders with compelling communications. Not only this, but 80% of our work comes from returning customers. They come back again and again because we deliver the results they want.

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