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The Popcorn Video Box - 7-inch Screen

The Popcorn Video Box – 7-inch Screen

Video boxes are shoe-box-sized presentation cases containing an HD IPS or LCD screen console housed on the underside of a hinged lid.

The example (pictured above) was produced for the US market on behalf of a client running a promotional campaign using packets of popcorn and other snack food products packed inside the box.

Each client video box is designed specifically to accommodate whatever item is to be fulfilled inside. In the past, these have included: product samples, corporate literature, training kits, medical aid kits, stationery and food samples (to name but a few).

The video box picture was produced for our client Service Max, ready food samples to be fulfilled directly into the box  In most cases, we laser cut a foam inlay from white, grey, or black foam that snugly fits the enclosure preventing movement in transit. In this instance, we used colored tissue paper instead of a foam tray because the exact dimensions of the enclosures were unknown prior to manufacture.

Each video box has a lid that is secured by ribbon strut for support and to prevent the lid flopping open and becoming damaged. Video boxes are often used for group presentations and training, where more than one person is viewing the product at any one time. For this reason, we recommend the HD IPS screen in 5-inch or 7-inch because of their all angle viewing properties.

As video boxes are bespoke and custom printed, they take time in pre-production in order to design templates, prepare a mock-up, tooling, and a pre-production sample. All this before sign off and actually starting bulk production. As such, it’s best to allow 4-6 weeks lead time in order to accommodate all the necessary stages in the production and pre-production ensuring a quality result.

We don’t produce a price list for video boxes, instead, each one is estimated according to its size and specifications. However, a good rule of thumb is to add 50% to the cost of the standard hardcover video brochure when budgeting your campaign or to provide a detailed production RFQ for us to estimate.

If you would like to know more about video boxes, please schedule a call and speak to one of our experienced account teams?