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Everything You Need To Know – The Video Box

29 April 2020
video box featuring cutaway foam insert

Everything You Need To Know - The Video Box

Curveball’s video boxes are designed to house a wide variety of client collateral – everything from chocolates, mugs, T-shirts, product samples, cosmetics, and brochures (the list is endless).

Each edition of the video box we produce is designed to fit its intended media. This means each production run is different, whereas customers for video brochures can choose from a suite of existing design templates, video box design templates need to be originated to meet each client’s needs.

Once we have a design template in development, we produce a white dummy (unprinted) which gives credibility to the template design. The next stage is to take the client art and digitally print a mock-up, this represents a working prototype of the final edition and can also act as a print proof.

Each video boxes’ media is embedded into a laser-cut foam tray (available in white grey or black).  It is imperative the foam tray is cut with a high degree of accuracy to prevent its media from falling out in transit or being pushed in so tight recipients cannot remove the insert upon opening. To attain a good fit, we require an example of the material insert.

We produce video boxes with screen sizes 4.3-inch, 5.0-inch, and 7.0-inch. Both the 5.0-inch and 7.0-inch come in HD IPS which is preferable for this type of production because these screens can be viewed from any angle, and by more than one viewer at a time.

Video boxes are approximately 50% more expensive than their video brochure counterparts, however,  a key factor is the size of the finished box. The larger the box, the more expensive it will be to produce and deliver.

Video boxes are premium quality collateral and our experience to date is that clients often opt for a variety of special treatments such as hot-foils, spot-UV varnish, special PMS colors, and debossing. If you would like to discuss the options, please contact one of our account team to find out more.

When planning your video box campaign, it is important you build in enough time for us to carry out all the elements of the pre-production stage effectively. This will ensure you receive a high-quality product. We advise you to allow 3-4 weeks total production time for delivery of small print runs and 4 weeks + for longer production runs (x100 or more).

video box with violet background

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